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Press and PR

There has never been a better time to get your  business noticed in the agricultural media, both print and online, as budgets are tighter than ever before. The right type of 'free' article usually has a reasonable chance of being accepted.

I am a freelance contributor to many of the major publications and as such, editors know that I will supply what they are looking for and follow their format.

However, that does not always mean that your product or service will necessarily take centre stage, because the best publications will always try to avoid copy which comes across as too commercial.  It's about striking a balance.

Nevertheless, having your product or service featured in the editorial section as  part of a bona fide article will carry more weight with readers than a paid advertisement, as well as maximising  the opportunities for further exposure in the future.

I specialise in case studies, where a product or service is featured as part of a wider article on an individual farm. This is more likely to be read by your target clients, compared with a straight commercial feature.

Regular public relations clients: The British Cattle Breeders Club, KWS Maize (plant breeder), G Shepherd Animal Health.  Other clients include DeLaval dairy machinery, MSD Animal Health and Zoetis.

Press releases can be produced on a one-off basis.


I can supply copy on a wide variety of subjects covering livestock, arable production and rural/country businesses.

It will be tailored to your requirements and written in your individual style.

Working on a commission basis, I can help to highlight your products or  services, by producing copy that will be relevant to your clients. I cover all sectors of the agricultural industry.

My press clients include: The Farmers Guardian, Farmers Weekly, Northern Farmer magazine (sister paper to The Scottish Farmer), British Dairying, Dairy Farmer, Cow Management, the National Sheep Association magazine, the Hereford Cattle Society, the British Limousin Cattle Society, the National Farmers Union magazine, the Blue-faced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association. 

Copywriting for websites and brochures: 

It is not always easy to communicate your message to potential clients. I have a long history of experience in writing clear and concise copy for your promotional materials. I would always recommend including a farmer case study, because 'farmers buy from farmers.' 

Communication can be achieved through telephone calls and via emails, for speedy results.  

As a long-standing member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists, I have a wide range of contacts within the industry. 

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Higher National Diploma in Agriculture from Myerscough College in Lancashire

Seven years working on staff at the Farmers Guardian newspaper

Five years as the north-east England correspondent for the Farmers Weekly magazine

Since 2006, freelance agricultural reporter and public relations specialist

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